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Simply put, Los Bermejos Rosado is one of the best selling rosés we've ever had in the shop. This wine just ticks all the boxes. Thirst-quenching, gone-before-you-know-it deliciousness? Check. Seriously complex flavor and texture? Yup. A unique terroir that produces wines like nowhere else? Take a look at those vineyards above. In short, this is going to be your wine of the summer. The only issue?  it's always gone too soon and you'll need to stock up.

Bodegas Los Bermejos is on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. Although technically part of Spain, it's less than 100 miles from Africa's western coast and has one of the most unique terroirs in the world. The entire island is essentially a dormant volcano, and a massive five-year eruption at the end of the 18th century blanketed the whole of it in ash. This is now what the vines must grow in, each dug into its own hole to protect it from the island's ferocious winds. Unique, indigenous varieties like Listan Negro and Marmajuelo thrive here.

Los Bermejos is a relatively young winery, only having started in 2001. Quickly, though, they've established themselves as one of the leading estates in the Canary Islands. They are deeply committed to organic viticulture and hands-off winemaking. In these poor soils, yields are minuscule and the vineyards are impossible to work with any machinery. Consequently, all work is done by hand. Every wine we've had from them has been very good, but this rosé, although not their most expensive wine, is their finest work.

The Listan Negro Rosado is a pale shade of pinkish-orange, with brilliant aromas of bitter orange, rhubarb, white cherry, and brine. The palate balances exhilarating acidity with deep concentration, with flavors of brine and orange oil.  And while rosé is generally only thought of as being the most terroir-expressive style in a few regions, in the Bermejos Rosado, the seaborne salt and volcanic smoke of Lanzarote is unmistakable. This is the sort of wine you just can't stop drinking, especially outside in the summer heat. While it's delicious now, we've got no doubt it will actually improve over the next handful of years, should you be able to restrain yourself.